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. All Riddle wants to do is make Mama happy, to make.

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Mother Knows Best~ (Child Fem!Reader x Child Riddle Rosehearts) Cramming Session (Overworked!Fem! Reader. She was strict and hard on Riddle ever since he was young and would control everything he does, wanting him work harder.

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Appellations. Jul 25, 2022 · Get notified when Riddle Rosehearts Oneshots is updated.

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One day, Riddle's father finally had enough of his wife's strictness and harshness, he and his wife got into a fight and he left shortly after that. .

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Riddle grew up as a child who never had any health problems: at least some plus from a control-crazed mother who was still a magic doctor!Riddle is well versed in magical medicine The key word is magical.

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He took slow.

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You remember his mother’s words.

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They were a “mistake.

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1 Lilia Vanrouge; 2 Kalim Al-Asim; 3 Sebek Zigvolt; Explore Wikis Universal Conquest Wiki.


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miraheze. [Y/n Roseheart - Riddle Roseheart’s younger sibling] Y/n Roseheart is three years younger than her older brother, Riddle Rosehearts.

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He tried pursuading.

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I can’t believe we got to see Trey’s parents in the manga, I still wanna fight Riddle’s mom tho MANGA SPOILERS Papa Trey is just current Trey and I live for it Ngl I had to squint when seeing Mama Trey because I thought she had a clover on her cheek and went “why do you have clover makeup on your cheek, is this a Clover thing ”. .

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